What is Brand Care?

Brand Care is a trusted provider of premium laundry and garment care services. We specialize in delivering meticulous care for a wide range of clothing items, offering specialized solutions such as stain removal, eco-friendly cleaning, pressing services, and more.

What types of Laundry Services do you provide?

Do you offer pickup and delivery services for laundry?

Can I schedule laundry services on a recurring basis?

How do I prepare my garments for pickup and cleaning?

Is the pricing for Brand Care Laundry services transparent?

Are the cleaning methods used by Brand Care Laundry safe for delicate fabrics and materials?

Can I request specific treatments or services for my luxury garments, such as fabric conditioning or garment restoration?

How does Brand Care Laundry handle garments with intricate details, embellishments, or beading?

Can I make changes to my laundry service appointment after it's been scheduled?

How can I contact Brand Care Laundry for inquiries or assistance?


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